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The Clement Retreats is the Hospitality division of Experientia India LLP, a Social Enterprise that prides in showcasing India – in regions back of beyond – in its richness of culture, heritage and traditions.

In the unwalked trails of vibrant Indian villages, you experience life in most rustic of hues–yet most real, alive and calling. Under the banner of The Clement Retreats we unfold two locations in Rajasthan:-
Dera Dune, in the vast sand dunes of Thar Desert
Dera Village, in a lush fertile valley in the Aravali mountain range

The Clement Retreats is a mutual effort to share with this world the happiness, love, health and sacred energies that the real India pulsates and thrives with, in its villages, life’s gifts of whom the epitomes are the old and the young, the women and the men, the children and the wildlife.
Laid in wilderness and amongst ancient lineages, is a spread of hospitality and sanctity, for you to rejuvenate your senses with and to savor – no matter how far the sands of time take you thereon.

Organic farming, soil enrichment techniques, afforestation by way of orchards, plantations of many fruits, vegetables and grains of the region, is the source of wealth of the self sustaining eco-friendly retreats. Employment of the youth of these villages, and their engagement in many fields of vocation is a harmonized symbiosis, a coming together of us all, to ensure that nature rules the strongest.
This very ethos is the germination ground of the Eco friendly – The Clement Retreats

Unearth the hidden jewels of Rajasthan, only whilst you stay with us at
The Clement Retreats!


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