Experientia India, a Social Enterprise, bearing a philosophy in its core of taking on a road less travelled to regions where it can lay its foundation for the collective good of the Society as a whole.

With an intrinsic urge to establish itself in the back of beyond unwalked trails of the villages of vibrant India, it chose to showcase life in most rustic of hues – yet most real, alive and calling. This under the banner of The Clement Retreats – in two locations in Rajasthan – Dera Dune in stark Thar Desert and Dera Village in lush fertile valley in the Aravali mountain range!! Laid in wilderness is the spread of Hospitality for you to savor in the pristine quietness of nature – all rejuvenating and recuperating!!

It is at Experientia you get to experience a vide spectrum of real India village lore and folk. Here we walk together with the people of these quaint villages trying to take the old and the young, the men and the women and the children teeming with life energies, alongside to ensure hearth, health and heart are all synergized in well being and happiness of all. An effort we love to undertake and wish to share!!

Organic farming, soil enrichment techniques, afforestation by way of orchards plantations of many a fruits of the region, organic farming of vegetables and grains, youth employment and engagement in many a fields of vocation for the Inhabitants of these villages – in-short a harmonious coming together of all ensuring nature rules the strongest – is the germination of Experientia India.

TARAASH – a little show window at the retreats, to the art and craft of those artisan and craftsmen who cannot find their way and go unnoticed in the bigger gamut of display in big cities. We bring their simplicity of creativity to you as you visit these destinations.

Experientia India is just a small effort to be the beacon of change that we wish to see!!! Simple and humble trying to make a difference!!! We wish you to come and check us out and enrich us, Let us make the world a better place!!!

Welcome one and all!!
Best wishes!