A Romantic Desert Experience On Dune

The Thar Desert in Jodhpur has always been an alluring place for everyone. With its undulating sand dunes and barren land, it appears to be hiding many mysteries. Candlelight dinners at fancy restaurants are a thing of the past now. Whether it is an anniversary celebration, a proposing date with your sweetheart, or an exclusive romantic dinner(dinner on dune) date with your loved one, there is no better place than the sand dunes.

To make it a once in a lifetime experience, there are many resorts that organize dune camps or one/ two days dune experience. You can opt for a desert experience on a camel safari before the sun sets for a lovely evening rendezvous. It can be a camel safari or a jeep safari. The evening begins with a cultural program of Rajasthani folk dances and music, but even that is optional. You can avoid that and head straight for the romantic dune experience. Some camps also organize parasailing for couples in the desert where you can be alone with your loved one high up in the air and have an uninterrupted view of the desert dunes.

For your special evening, you are taken to a private setup in the Thar desert, where the utmost importance is given to your privacy. Amidst soft lighting, the sand gives a golden hue to the surroundings and a soft cool breeze sets just the right tone for a romantic experience. Drinks are laid out as per choice and the evening is extended. The waiters are unobtrusive and will be there only on demand so that you can be alone with your partner or loved one. You can choose to have a photographer at hand when you want, to capture these beautiful experiences forever or indulge in your own amateur perfect moments!! Dinner in the desert dunes will be an unforgettable experience, with your choice of cuisine.

As an after-dinner experience, there is stargazing, where you can just lie down in the quiet soft cool breeze with your loved one and enjoy the unpolluted expanse of the night sky and its uncountable twinkling stars. It’s the most romantic thing to gaze at the night sky at with your sweetheart and just enjoy the solitude and stillness of the cool night. This might turn out to be the right time to propose to your loved one and declare your love. It’s an unparallel experience that will stay with you till endless time. So come, and explore, the Romantic Desert is beckoning you…

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